The SANE are a dying species


Brandon : *is yelling his poor lungs out*

It’s okay, I get it. I’d cry to if my parents had abandoned me on the floor because they didn’t have any cash for a crib. exempt from all blame


Bonding time! Yay! So far I haven’t had any fails apart from lack of crib so I’m kinda curious yet scared to see what my first fail is gunna be…


Amestia: OMG IT FINALLY SHUT UP. *hyperventilates*

Brandon: zzzzzhhheeelllppppzzzz

I really feel bad for the kid…BUT COME ON, you guys gotta bring in some more cash!

Also would this be the right time to tell everyone you’re probably preggo again?

Amestia: What?? *pops bag*


You guys are just so boring…XD

Baby on the floor, eating burnt waffles and playing on your phones.

Bunny: CR*AP *drops*

Er I mean, dropping your phones.


And as a couple this is about the extent of what these two do!

Amestia: Dang it! One of these days I’ll have the right outfit on!

And one of these days you’ll be level 7 so I can make you draw a portrait!


Amestia: I need to vomit due to non-pregnancy related issues!

You’re pregnant deal with it. I made it happen.

Bunny: Soooorrryy cclllleeaaannniiinng. Come back later!

Dude, the toilet’s just gonna get all dirty again!

Amestia ended up waiting patiently for her turn. Gotta admire her ability to hold it in.


See? Pregnant!

Amestia: Another crying baby? I don’t know how to react to this…

Hon, this is nothing compared to what’s coming for the next generation. I’ll probably have just three kids this generation cause I don’t have a lot of cash D:

But next gen! Babies ahoy 😀


First birthday! Finally! And also the beginning of an endless supply of cake in the fridge XD

Brandon: My…face…help…

It’ll pass kiddo it’ll pass.




I’m looking, but where are you looking??


Aww he’s adorable! Even though he got squat from his mom…

Look at that, it’s almost like he’s got a permanent smile XD


*back to real world*

Brandon: Heheheh deeerrrppp

…Right, he’s still got the insane trait.


Brandon: I wants doll!

Bibi: *poofs* Here I am master.


Brandon: Yes…I am master…

Fudge. He’s really creeping me out! He looked a lot cuter in CAS…


Bibi: Master…master…please!…my head does not bend that way…

Brandon: Heehee!



Toddler skilling!

Amestia: Sit down already! *pushes harder on head*

Brandon: Naaahhh

…or not.


Oh my gods yes! Finally enough cash to buy a crib! I was scared I’d have a toddler pass out fail D:

Yeah I know, it’s a very sad nursery…Bunny isn’t bringing in enough cash!


That kid…looks even scarier in a dark room.

Brandon: heehee I can see yoooou 😀

Bibi: …


Brandon: HMPH. Took you long enough! I want some ravioli pronto!

Bunny: Umm…What is this?

Your son.


Amestia: Kiddo!

Brandon: Mommy!

Ehhh, Amestia looks like a caring mother, Brandon looks like he wants to rip his mum’s hair out…*shudders*



Amestia: Am I supposed to do something about this.

Not with that kid.


Amestia: Ahhh feels good! This is what back scratching’s all about!


Is this like a new way of painting?

Amestia: Helps get a better relationship with the paint. You know get REAL intimate with it. *starts licking canvas*



Amestia: OH OH. Maybe eating the paint wasn’t such a good idea!


It’s a girl!

Amestia: *rollercoaster twirl*

Bree: Yaaaaa!!! *hands in the air*

Named Bree XD

Traits: Excited and Couch potato


FAV FOOD: Vegetarian chili


And she is a completely normal sim being.


So much yays! Thanks to Bunny’s promotion (yes he finally got promoted to level 2) I got enough cash to buy another crib! And a potty. And two toys. And a floor. Yes a floor. Isn’t it blue? I’m so going to be sick of blue by the end of this generation.


One last baby! Unless Amestia decides to be mean and wish for another one.

And dang…Bunny really is never nude in any situation XD


I never noticed the IF’s ball thingy lits up in the dark!

Bibi: I will always watch over master.



Um…good for you?


Bunny is a really frighteningly good dad.

Bunny: Rollercoaster toss!

Bree: *happy squeals*

As long as you don’t drop her.


Bunny: Okay daddy has to go to work now kay? *bends down to kiss forehead*

Brandon: *avoids* NO. *reaches for throat*

I mean! What is with this kid?!


Look guys! Look guys! It’s a completed nursery! With lights and all!

Wasted money again, I no longer have enough for a third crib.

Also Bree’s IF is called Boo XD


Baby on the way!

Bree: *crying in background*


Bibi: I am the most sparkling IF of them all. Look at me dance! *does little ballerina twirl*

Yeah you’re cute now…


Bunny: Yays! More bunny birthdays!

Yay! I had enough cash to buy a birthday cake XD has exactly 8$ left


Bree: Swuper sparkles!!


Cute Bree!

Wow, we’ve got Brandon as a dad copy and Bree as a mom copy XD


Bree: Hola?

Hola cutie pie 😀


Bree: Friends forever!

See? That’s how a normal toddler is supposed to look.


Not like that.

Bibi: Can’t…breathe…master!


Amestia: OH GOD. That woman is staring at me!

*cries* I forgot to pay the bills! Didn’t have the cash for it anyway -5



And well let’s just stop here shall we? We’ll pick this up next chap!


Self-wetting: 0 x -5 = 0

Failing school : 0 x -5 = 0

NPC visit: 1 x -5 = -5

Passing Out: 0 x -5 = 0

Accidental Deaths: 0 x -10 = 0

Social Worker Visit: 0 x -15 = 0

Birth: 2 x +5 = 10

Twin Birth: 0 x +10 = 0

Triplet Birth: 0 x +15 = 0

Quad Birth: 0 x +20 = 0

Fulfilling LTW: 0 x +40 = 0

Honour roll: 0 x +5 = 0

Randomizing every LTW choice and trait (apart from the obligational insane trait) for a whole generation of children: 0 x +10 = 0

Portrait of the torch holders somewhere in the house: 0 x +5 = 0

Having a spouse reach the top of their career: 0 x +10 = 0

Every 100,000$: 0 x +20 = 0


Still in them positives 😀

Comments on: "1.3 – First fail! (it had to happen sometime)" (4)

  1. LMAO, toddler skilling = teaching child to sit. Course!

    Bree is so cute, love that she got her mum’s hair. And who knows, maybe one of the two has mixed facial genetics, even if they took all colouring from one parent?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha! I love Bibi!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The IF’s are very interesting. I have kind of a creepy one. 😀 Love it, so much fun, and the “toddler skilling” was too cute. Bree is adorable though!

    Liked by 1 person

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