The SANE are a dying species

1.4 – The armpit lies


Last we left off this mean woman came to take my stuff away! ;n;

MeanWoman: *pulls out willywonka gun* Be ready to receive JUSTICE.


MeanWoman: First victim? AIR.


WorkoutThing: I’M BEING SUCKED IN HALP! *disappears*

Amestia: NO! Not the workout thing!!

I’m tempted to say workout machine, but I doubt it’s really a machine.


MeanWoman: My job here is done.


Amestia: Couldn’t you have just sold the time machine??

No. I consider that to be cheating.


Brandon: Father is dumb Bibi. He broke the toilet again.

Bibi: Indeed.

Bunny: My bunny ears fell in again D:


First toddler to use skilling toy!

Even if I HIGHLY doubt that’s the right way to use it.


Brandon: BUT FATHER. You must feed me D:

Bunny: Sorry. Your sister’s a priority right now.



Bunny really did have Brandon in his arms, before putting him down and going to Bree instead XD


Bunny: I wanna try the crib too!

Bree: Daddy! You’re suffocating me! D:

I think something might be wrong with my game.


Such cuteness.

Bree: Look! Boo can stand up on his own!

Boo: *looks bored*


Brandon: *proper skilling initiated* Father will sure love me more now!

I sure love you more now 😀 Even if you still look downright evil/creepy.


Sorry Brandon. Bree apparently did better.

Bunny: *singing along off key*


Horse: HAY GUYS. I’m back.

Horse: See what I did there? HAY. Like as in, hay. Nom nom hay.


Bunny: *is neurotic sim* Um um, it feels wwaarrmmm

You have a freaking cigarette in your hands I just…I definitely should get rid of that.


Everyone had a simultaneous need to pee moment…except my torch holder.


Brandon: Mother! Do you not see the injustice here?? First she steals my dad and then she steals my potty! DO YOU SEE IT? THE INJUSTICE.

Poor Brandon. If you weren’t so creepy looking I’d sympathize with you more.


Guys guys, you won’t believe it. I actually had enough cash for a third crib! Cause you know, Amestia is pregnant again and all.

It’s unbelievable!

12$ left


Bree: Are you okay Brandon? Is your head stuck in the wall? Oh poor poor you…

Boo: My name isn’t Brandon..

Bree: Mean mean brother.

You better lay off your sister Brandon, she might develop a psychotic side.


Brandon: I’M HUNGRY.

Amestia: Have a chicken leg. It’s right there in my speech bubble. Go on take it.

Motherhood in sims.


The horse infestation is growing.

Horse1: You see that? That’s stalking talent. Running and back forth like this.

Horse2: No man. NO man. That ain’t stalking.


Horse2: This is stalking.

Seriously. They just keep walking back and forth; back and forth. Waiting for the right opportunity to strike.


My sims have a serious talent when it comes to merging with objects.

Amestia: Whadda ya think armpit? Is the cake good enough to eat?



Will you calm the hell down!?

Amestia: What’s his problem?


Oh I don’t know…I’m just guessing here, but it might be cause you’re going into labour.

Amestia: Ah dang! Armpit lied! The cake wasn’t good to eat at all!


And another boy! Yays!

Amestia: Baaaabb….It’s not a girl though. I wanted a girl 😥

Barney: *grabs hand* Plz don’t drop me..


Guys welcome Barney! A witch. Yes another damn witch. How is this possible? I DON’T KNOW.

TRAITS: Insane and Artistic


FAV FOOD: Falafel (what the hell even is this?)

FAV MUSIC: Composition


HOLY HELL. There’s a baby girl in bedroom. On the floor.

Brittney: Neglection…from birth…

Yeah Amestia had twins! Yays! Except, she apparently was too lazy to give birth to the second one so she just zapped her out of her stomach.


Welcome little Brittney! NOT a witch.

TRAITS: Insane and Slob

FAV COLOR: Purple (again)

FAV FOOD: Hotdogs

FAV MUSIC: Composition (again)

You know what this means guys.

I need another crib T_T And I’m unfortunately short of 23$.


So far, Brittney sleeps on the floor…

But, good news, no more babies! Amestia can now focus on her career while there’s still time 😀


Bunny: Another cotton candy genie bunny has appeared!

Two actually, but whatev.

Bunny: So you admit that I am a genie bunny!

I am not getting into this with you.


Brandon: They messed up the game, I no see where to put block!

Other way buddy, other way.


Amestia: Wish granted! Yesh! *claps hands*

Barney: HALP



I was finding this funny see, because Bunny kept running back and forth. He’d take care of Brandon, then the twins, then Brandon again and then to Brittney. All while my torch holder was sleeping nice and soundly.

It was really entertaining until…


This happened.


I got a toddler fail guys! A toddler fail! Darn it.


Self-wetting: 0 x -5 = 0

Failing school : 0 x -5 = 0

NPC visit: 1 x -5 = -5

Passing Out: 1 x -5 = -5

Accidental Deaths: 0 x -10 = 0

Social Worker Visit: 0 x -15 = 0

Birth: 2 x +5 = 10

Twin Birth: 1 x +10 = 10

Triplet Birth: 0 x +15 = 0

Quad Birth: 0 x +20 = 0

Fulfilling LTW: 0 x +40 = 0

Honour roll: 0 x +5 = 0

Randomizing every LTW choice and trait (apart from the obligational insane trait) for a whole generation of children: 0 x +10 = 0

Portrait of the torch holders somewhere in the house: 0 x +5 = 0

Having a spouse reach the top of their career: 0 x +10 = 0

Every 100,000$: 0 x +20 = 0


Comments on: "1.4 – The armpit lies" (5)

  1. Aw no, toddler fail, so sad! But hey, the others haven’t failed yet, so positive. Just wait til they’re all children clamoring for bedtime stories, lol.

    Do you have the swing from the store? It’s way cheaper than a cot, and the babies stay happier in it anyway. I almost always stick babies in there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah I don’t have the swing, but I’ve definitely thought about getting it! The playpen as well, I’ve heard toddlers can actually skill by their own…


  2. You’d think Brittney would’ve been the witch of those twins, the way she seemed to magically manifest out of her mother’s womb like that…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man, twins. Well this house got even more interesting. These sims sure do like to merge with things or do things backward, but I guess that’s the fun of insane idiots. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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