The SANE are a dying species

Generation 4 heir vote


For like a week, maybe more, but let’s say a week

Let us begin…


Daniel Danbutt

The insanely good, yet disciplined slob, with the seriously wacky eyebrows. He’s got a penchant for the color violet, and his daddy is Didier! (like anyone even remembers)

I find Dan’s looks to be a bit bland (apart from his freaky cool extensive eyebrows), but his got the traits for an interesting LTW I haven’t completed yet! Since he already picked out his future spouse (considering they talked on the phone at least 13 times last chapter) I’ll let him have his Candy Ashleydale. With a few modifications that is.


I didn’t change much. Changed her colors, and tweaked her cheekbones…about it. Trying to stay as true as possible to them genetics!


Next up, my darling Diella with her Luke Terrey descendance!

She is  an insanely perceptive yet clumsy sim with the unbelievably useful trait: heavy sleeper. Growing up in the booger colored walls, she ended up liking green just like her mama. It’s probably going to lead to minimal changes in the house. Apart from the unique hair, fantastic expressions  and obvious attitude, Diella’s got herself a pretty fancy future spouse if I say so myself.


Decided to steal Ran from Autumnrein! How could I not really? The guy’s gorgeous, just been waiting for an oppurtunity to add him to my game! And I think they’d make a pretty ok couple too 😉


And then there was Diana.

Oh my Diana. I’ll finally admit it, she’s in the top 2. But I’m completely biased since her dad is my baby James.

She’s in an insane and disciplined workaholic who uses her spare time to make other people’s lives hell. Her skill accumulation is sad, but she makes up for it with natural skin and an epic look/attitude.

I had fun finding a spouse for her…so much that I couldn’t decide!

You see, I really wanted to have one of Umbramuse’s sims in my game too! And there were two I thought would be suitable for Diana…

Bowser Billy

Bowser and Billy Ferris. I know, I added Billy…but I can’t help it, that clown amuses me.

So if Diana gets chosen, I’ll either do an extra vote so you guys can choose between the two or just add both in the game and see who Diana fancies most.


And finally Desmond! Desie!

I love this kid to unfortunate bits and damn should’ve gotten Cat and Cédric to procreate a day earlier so we could see him as a teen!

He’s an insanely good yet neurotic sim, and that one sim who the more he tries to be good, the more he looks downright evil. He’s still pretty young so I didn’t choose a spouse, opting more to go spouse hunting in town (there are some nice sims popping up), but I did decide to go in CAS and age him up real quick to give you guys a sneakpeak.


*Can and most likely will be subject to change when he actually ages up*

Annnnddd that’s it!

Vote now!


*All pictures featuring sims that don’t belong to me will bring you to the original owner’s WordPress site upon being clicked*


Comments on: "Generation 4 heir vote" (6)

  1. Hard to pick one, I like Diella a lot. I felt bad that her grandpa killed her! Bad Bunny!

    I like Diana too..

    Ummm, Its so hard…

    I pick…….. vote for Diella!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a tough choice between the girls… I eventually picked Diana, just because I love how badass she is. And her traits are more interesting than Diella’s. But will definitely grab them both later!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. damn. I was so set to vote for Daniel but then I saw Ran as Diella’s spouse and of course I had to vote for him lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I vote Diana ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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