The SANE are a dying species

Heh heh…heh…h…>.>

Hi guys.

So like, I’ve been kind of MIA for this blog. (It’s only been like a month but GEEZ, feels like I’ve neglected the Idanezys for like seven months or something)


IM NOT NEGLECTING THEM I SWEAR (okay maybe a little bit)

I started the next chapter, but the game save was being stupid on me again, so i decided to take a slight break from that neverending war.

I’m really engrossed in my Light the way to heaven legacy right now, and I can just feel it in my toes, i’m reaching the end of generation 8! (been writing it since Jan. 2015) It’s just got me really excited cause babies are going to happen soon and everybody loves babies.

So since I was already head deep in that (been posting big 3000 word chapters like every two days holy sh*t where do I find the time), I decided to wait till I finished gen.8 of my legacy before I came back to the deal with these insane guys. Especially with the new heir *shivers*. purposefully NOT revealing who it is

In the most marvelous of worlds (holidays are coming and miracles do happen) I’ll be done gen.8 before 2016 comes around, and I’ll run back here to deal with the crazy while I anxiously wait for the gen.9 heir to be voted on.


So um yeah update. I’m not dead. Don’t worry I’ll warn you guys if that happens.



Comments on: "Heh heh…heh…h…>.>" (2)

  1. Can’t wait!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. 😦 Can’t wait till the insane come back..

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