The SANE are a dying species

Generation 5 heir vote!

Haaa didn’t think i’d ever GET HERE BUT HERE I AM

Here are your choices 😀


He’ll have a pretty simple life if he wins and I’ll grab his Kristine to drag to the new town for him!


My god she’s the girl whose skilled the most! And she’d have more points in music if the game hadn’t crashed as many times as it!

Lol she’ll have a very MUSIC ORIENTED LIFE that’s for sure


She’s a tough girl from what I’ve seen so far, and she whipped out the celebrity wish on me, so if she wins I’ll be exploiting that to MAXIMUM.

Everyone will know her name heheh


Contrary to her twin, Erika has given me nothing to go on lmao, so I’ll probably come up with something was we go along or she throws more wishes at me.


Little FUTURE boy here. If he wins were going to convert to FUTURE TECHNOLOGY and he’s going to be a science oriented boy.

Will mostly likely attempt to max out astronaunt and science career.

Elly & Eyda!

FINALLY, the last pair of twins! I’ve actually got a fancy DOUBLE HEIRSHIP planned for these two. They’d both be in charge and I’d send them off on a ROYALTY themed generation. Where they’d basically tyrannically take over a town lol XD


So there are your choices!

I can’t wait to see who winnnns



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