The SANE are a dying species

Them CRAZY chapters

1.1 – Step 1 GET THE SPOUSE
1.2 – Cotton candy genie bunny baby
1.3 – First fail! (it had to happen sometime)
1.4 – The armpit lies
1.5 – So this is what an ISBI is supposed to be like…
1.6 – The story of how inanimate objects survive
1.7 – A knockout chapter
1.8 – the passing out IT HURTS
1.9 – We start talking about hairs…I mean heirs…I mean heir >.>
1.10 – Portraits, kingly disputes and ONE birthday
1.11 – I’m playing favorites and hair CAN grow back with the right shower
1.13 – Coco shenanigans and something called dancing
1.14 – Mac and Cheesy fails
1.15 – Coco is a very popular cowplant
1.16 – Too many goodbyes ;-;

2.1 – Mr.Hard-to-get
2.2 – Explosion of babies! So many babies
2.3 – Your usual glitches and fires
2.4 – MY RADIO …and Cameron ❤
2.5 – Royal Rebellion and Rham’s favoritism
2.7 – Charlie and Cameron’s love stories
2.8 – Close-ups, Jonathan and Chelsea’s super power
2.10 – Badass trio skilling makeovers
2.11 – Soooooo who won?

3.1 – Unrendered guests and stupid Rham
3.2 – Bree’s parties and SOMETHING WAS BORN
3.3 – Lucky Charms, Firefox and something I keep forgetting
3.4 – Puppies and IT, and darn it Diella
3.5 – Doom, doom to all
3.6 – RAWR
3.7 – Daniel’s eyebrows
3.8 – There was an ant at some point…
3.9 – Free will is just being awesome
3.10 – The last fail run

4.1 – All Diana wants is some blood and a non-glitched genie
4.2 – The one where I finally get a good computer
4.3 – Pretty Rufus, Kitties and Nostalgic Visitors
4.4 – Bryce Gorman
4.5 – The Lacies
4.6 – Dandruff feels offended
4.7 – At least Bumblebee doesn’t break hot tubs
4.8 – Lilipad officially claims motherhood
4.9 – Bumblebee finally gets a win
4.10 – Emma is a neglected troll
4.11 – Rendering is a privilege
4.12 – Last chapter of the generation!

5.1 – Double the fun hohoho
5.2 – Egbert the heart farter
5.3 – Cheesy Pets
5.4 – Rufus DONE F*cked up


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  1. […] a very pale Cameron Idanzey! Don’t worry, I fixed him in a few screen shots. Cameron is from BLAMS’s ISBI and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. Then you will love him as much as I do. She […]

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