The SANE are a dying species


Hi there? Remember what happened last time? Yup, the youngest grew up T^T

And look at how gorgeous Britt is! *feels like crying*


Oh yeah, forgot her bladder is at um exactly: zero, and her energy is at exactly: zero

So I’m going to stall for time so I don’t get fails right at the beginning of this chapter again >.>

Well first off, this is the last chapter. YES LAST. After this I’m doing a vote thingy and guess who gets all the responsibility of choosing the next heir?


Yup. *is leaning away from screen*

See? Castiel is pointing right at you guys. Which means it’s all up to you.

Let me help you make your choice.


First off, we have the ugly creepy Brandon with his perverted IF.

Bibi: I think master farted.


Next we have Bree, whose frowny eyes make it seem like she’s permanently angry or unimpressed.

Bree: I’m looking at my brother.

Also, you can’t see it well, but she’s the stink culprit.


And then you’ve got Brittney who can only make pretty faces!

Though this kind of scares me since she’s always had a habit of going from cute to terrifying in a matter of seconds.

Brittney: 😀


And then we’ve got Barney who hasn’t changed at all.

Barney: You weren’t lying you really are pretty sis!

He’s darn adorable too, in a dorky way.


Well…we all knew it was coming.


Bree: Right on my slippers too. >:|


Oh god I hate this picture.

Only bad things can result from this picture.


See? There’s number 1!



There’s number 2.


Really guys, you’re losing heir points here.




Btw, I’ve decided I’ll change Bunny’s look when the next heir is chosen. Cause he needs a makeover.


Bunny: I do not likes your frowny eyes.

Bree: Dad, I’m standing in a puddle of my own pee. Am I supposed to smile and squeal?


Commmeeee ooonnn

Amestia: NOPE. NOPE. I’m good. You know, I have stuff to do.

You’re the only one I can control and poor toilet needs a clean environment to be dirty in.

Toilet: …<.<


I am God in this game, so she really had no choice.

Fortunately for her, her mood was way too in the red to fix the toilet.


Hey, hey, hey Brandon, look! Coco is hungry again.

Brandon: Really? *rolls eyes*

It’ll make everyone’s choice even easier if there’s only three choices!


You guys are sooo boring. You don’t interact, you don’t even play with the stuff I buy. All you do is like barely survive and take away my points.

Bree: Geez what do you expect? Everyone’s sleeping right now.


True and by the looks of it, Britt is having a bad dream.

Brittney: monsterszzzzthe monsters!zzzz

That or she’s smelling her own stink.


YES. IT’S A MIRACLE. Brandon has finally gone to sleep instead of talking to Bibi to the point of passing out!!



Hhheeeyyy Baarrrnnneeeyyy

Barney: Um…hi.

How’s it going?


Barney: Oh just fine.

Fridge: ARE YOU SERIOUS. WHY. EVERYTIME. Its called overkill you purple dinosaur.


Barney: I think I’m being followed sis.

Bree: Dunno what you’re talking about.

Me neither. Like you being followed? Psh who’d want to do that?

AND DARN YOU BUNNY. There is cake in the fridge. CAKE IN THE FRIDGE.


Bunny: But I like macaroni.

Are you…cutting macaroni out of cheese?

Bunny: Yes.

HOW. Oh wait, the same way you pull out a swordfish from your ass.


Look they are even twins in their stinkiness.

Barney: Please don’t stab me in the neck with the bowl.

Fudge. She’s doing it again. Look at her face. *shivers*



Brittney: He’s sooo gonna burn it.

No. He. Isn’t.



Sink: AND WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS. It’s not because your knees impaled my underside. Nope. not that at all.


And your load has just been three halved! Or something.

Gnome: I will continue to protect the potions. *salutes*


Okay, so I lied. They actually do something.

And amusingly enough Britt and Barney have been taking turns teasing the cow plant.

And now some Barney spam cause I can.

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32

And some Brittney spam too, why not!

Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34 Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36

I’m still shamelessly playing favorites.


I still love you no worries.



And then there’s Brandon who spends all his time impaling his IF with a pillow. So amusing mhm.

Brandon: You’re not being fair. I should get the same coverage!

Bree doesn’t interact with Boo nearly as much! Hell, I don’t even know where Boo is, while I ALWAYS know where Bibi is.


I’d do a few of Bree, but she jumped on the cowplant the moment Britt and Barney were out of sight and she’s been doing the same interaction over and over again.

So you know, I’ll just leave her to it.


Alright new work outfit! Finally something more acceptable!

Yeah he got promoted. Before Amestia did. This is really sad.


You were asking yourself where the stalker horses went right? Don’t lie. I know you were unbelieving that the cow plant could truly be such an amazing force of nature, but it’s true!

The horses have retreated to the nearby junkyard. They don’t dare cross the road anymore.


And then my torch holder autonomously went and did this.

Amestia: You have such an ugly face! I ssooo wouldn’t choose you for heir!

Brittney: MA! Wrong kid!



Barney: You lie there isn’t even a couch to be a couch potato on!

Bree: Yeah okay whatev.

Brittney: ARE YOU GUYS BLIND. I’m doing something here.


Okay this has gone too far. Barney is now the third one to make damn mac and cheese. IS THE CAKE NOT ENOUGH?



Oh f*ck.


Amestia: *just came running from work* Oops guess I’m too late.

NOOOOOOOOO. And I can’t call NPCs because that would cost me precious points.

And well…


EA firefighters aren’t worth ****.


You enjoying the view?

Amestia: I feel a déjà vu coming along…*autonomously has extinguish fire action*

Oh well if you insist!


Amestia: Hey buzz off! Ze professional is at work here!

At least you aren’t in your bathing suit this time.

Amestia: And that might actually impeded on my ability to annihilate this fire.




Amestia: Fudging- Careful! I’m trying to exterminate something here!

Fridge: *chokes on white powder stuff* EXCUSE ME


Phew. That’s over. Now here’s a pic of what Bunny does when everyone is at school/work.

Yes. He isolates himself in a corner and cries…about everything.

Might be his neurotic trait.

Or maybe he realizes he’s stuck here till he dies.


Brittney: Can you believe it!?

Barney: Nope.

Brittney: We totally missed the fire and mom epically putting it out.


Brittney: You know, maybe we should burn the beds. Could get rid of the monsters.

Barney: :/ But I like my bed…

Oh my god I just realized. They’re homeworking! (Yup. It’s a word now.)


Stupid mid-life crisis wish. Someone absolutely wanted to get a makeover.

Why aren’t you satisfied with what I gave you??

Amestia: I want professional advice.

Lady: Gud thang ya came hun. Ya need a maja makeover.


Amestia: Alright professional. Tell me what I gotta change!

Lady: Well fist off dat ass has gat ta go.

Amestia: Does it really? I need to sit down.

Lady: Yup.


Amestia: Well, I guess you’ve gotta suffer for fashion right?

Lady: Mhm



Lady: OH YES MASTARPEECE *evil cackle*



Amestia: MY WRINKLES…are still there, why??

Hun changin’ ya clothes aint gunna do much for those wrinkies.


I got involved. DUCKIES.

Amestia: 😀

Okay so I didn’t make it as far as I would’ve liked, but we’re just going to have to deal with the fact that Brandon still has 7 days to go and have a heir vote anyways.

But not here. Heir vote over there ->. Next post.


Self-wetting: 16 x -5 = -80

Failing school : 1 x -5 = -5

NPC visit: 1 x -5 = -5

Passing Out: 60 x -5 = -270

Accidental Deaths: 0 x -10 = 0

Social Worker Visit: 0 x -15 = 0

Birth: 2 x +5 = +10

Twin Birth: 1 x +10 = +10

Triplet Birth: 0 x +15 = 0

Quad Birth: 0 x +20 = 0

Fulfilling LTW: 0 x +40 = 0

Honour roll: 0 x +5 = 0

Randomizing every LTW choice and trait (apart from the obligational insane trait) for a whole generation of children: 0 x +10 = 0

Portrait of the torch holders somewhere in the house: 1 x +5 = +5

Having a spouse reach the top of their career: 0 x +10 = 0

Every 100,000$: 0 x +20 = 0

TOTAL: -335

Comments on: "1.14 – Mac and Cheesy fails" (2)

  1. “You lie there isn’t even a couch to be a couch potato on!” LMAO, true dat. I purposely refrained from buying my sims a couch for a long while, purely so I could be mean to the couch potato 😉

    And Amestia’s makeover is brilliant. Duckies indeed 😀 I love how she can pull off the craziest looks that would be ridiculous on anyone else.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the ducks! GAH! I really have no idea who I’m going to pick. I think a male heir but I just love the girls so much.

    That would be such an embarrassing insurance claim. “Well, I burnt down my kitchen with macaroni and cheese” to which they would respond “… “

    Liked by 1 person

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